Incora has a significant experience using diverse tools for project management. User-friendly management software significantly increases the productivity of the team, makes the communication between teammates more transparent, simplifies handling processes and eliminates costly manual work.

Choosing the right project management tool is often a matter of taste or preference. Due to the experience, our team is ready to comply with any management tool which is the most comfortable for our client. Normally, our team works with such tools as Asana, Trello, Jira, and Slack.


Our team enjoys Trello because it is one of the most comprehensive and easy to use tools. This free management software has a great visual format and helpful functionality.

Since 2011, when Trello was developed, it became extremely popular among software development companies. It is considered the best choice for teams that work in sprints and follow Agile or Scrum best practices.

Our team eagerly uses Trello to create a new board very quickly and without efforts. Intuitive UI/UX makes it easily to make a “List” on each board for managing related tasks. Within each list, we assign cards to collaborators, indicate due dates, upload attachments and others.

Trello is an excellent workflow tool that can design boards as frameworks for any kind of process. It offers a lot of functionality and helps track projects as they move through various stages.


Asana is one of the most popular team collaboration tools that helps to allocate resources, keep track of deadlines and progress. It was developed in 2009 on the basis of Facebook’s internal tracking tool and consists of menu and 3 main sections: Tasks, Dashboard, and Inbox.

Our team enjoys Asana because of its user-friendly interface that offers increased task visibility, easier delegation and follow-up. We use customizable dashboard for project-tracking and inbox for activity-logging.

Lists are a great way to organize information and measure productivity. Asana helps us to easily create, manage, and share our to-do lists with the team. With the tool we can quickly prioritize tasks, create sub-tasks, define each of them with a category tag or attach some files.

Asana is great for planning because it sorts tasks into tabs for “Today”, “Upcoming”, and “Later”. Our team can easily access detailed information on each task including project’s name, due date, description, history, notes, attachments, or a comment area.


Slack is a great collaboration hub for our team and customers. It helps us to handle numerous conversations effectively and safely.

Ability to create multiple channels is priceless for effective and transparent communication. We have separate channels for each project and threads with different topics. Every message and file shared in public channels can be easily accessed and found with the help of Search. It is easy to add new members and manage the conversations.

We use Slack because it is very safe and enables work with external partners. We use shared channels and guest accounts which gives us flexibility and freedom to work with clients, contractors and other third parties.

Slack is also very comfortable for our team because it has a possibility to integrate different apps. Slack app directory includes Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Asana, Jira, Trello, Google Calendar and others valuable software.


We use Jira because it is a great software with numerous features that helps our development team to integrate data and report accomplished tasks. Jira provides Kanban, Scrum, and Agile planning boards that give us a comprehensive view of project progress.

Jira offers customizable workflows, so our project manager can block out dependencies and the work passes from one developer to another without manual editing. In addition, it is easy to automate workflows with the app integration. Like Slack, Jira supports around 900 apps which is very practical.

We use JIRA to improve the development process and track bugs to provide a high-quality software. We use it to assign tasks and estimate the time. Jira helps to prioritize task and see the starting end ending time for each one. The Burndown Chart provides a great visibility of task completion for both our client and team members. Also, we like Jira’s lists of Tasks, Assignee, Reporter, and detailed information regarding each task which can be quickly downloaded.