When And Why To Hire Remote Developers

When talking about how things work in startups, we usually see two most common situations: one person working as a one-man-band, or there are tons of ​​things no one is responsible for. In both cases, the reason lies in the lack of qualified local specialists able to understand the concept and start to work ASAP.

This is where remote professionals are the most demanded. There are plenty of reasons to go for outsourcing, but here we are going to focus on how startups benefit from outsourcing. Without this option, hundreds of them would never have reached the release phase.

Why It Can Be Difficult To Hire Developers For Startup

Lack of local talents. Having money to pay means nothing when you can’t find people to hire. Outsourcing erases this problem as well as all the borders and barriers. Outstaffing companies ensure a high level of English proficiency, so you can communicate effectively with the developers and firm representatives.

Looking for remote developers, you can find specifically who you need. You have a great chance to expand the original idea while working on it.

For example, to build an admin dashboard as a web app instead of implementing this functionality in the mobile app. We went this way with on-demand delivery app Burgerizzr.

Money question. A broad selection of specialists and low rates (compared to the USA and the EU) turned Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, and some others into outsource centers.

Startups usually operate with modest budgets, and a money question matters a lot.

Complex hiring process. The hiring path is usually long, complicated, and doesn’t always end up with a contract. It takes time to find a skilled candidate, lead them through all the interview stages, and create a win-win situation for both parties. Even then, the candidate can choose another company and you have to start over.

Outsourcing companies take on most of these responsibilities and offer you the most suitable specialist. It is quite possible to find a candidate today, sign a contract tomorrow, and start work the day after tomorrow.

7 Steps To Signing A Contract

1. Define your product, its main idea, and purpose. Everyone in your team must have a clear understanding of what you work on and who’s the end-user. According to the Agile methodology, you will make changes, but the purpose and stages should be clear.

2. Specify who you need. The next step is to understand which specialist you need. Do you need a mobile app or a web app, what features should be integrated — these matters. If you are not sure, find a company that offers not only developers, but also consulting.

3. Choose the cooperation model. You can hire one developer or build a team of a few remote specialists from different locations. They can work part-time or full-time on your project.

Also, you can sign a remote team, which means more dedication because of concentration on your single project. These teams are usually called dedicated teams.

The third option is to extend your in-house team with a specialist you need. It’s a combination of two previous options, possible in case you have your in-house team.

4. Choose the region. There are three main factors to consider: average rate, time zone, language barrier. Don’t neglect any of them, they are equally important.

Remember, once found, a good specialist can become your business partner for a lifetime.

5. Clarify the requirements. Create a checklist of the candidate’s skills and qualities. It includes technical and soft skills, English level, personal qualities, availability to start ASAP, etc.

6. Check the expertise. Test task, English level test, psychology test, portfolio, and recommendations allow you to check whether the specialist is qualified enough to join your team.

7. Plan working processes. When you’ve chosen each other, talk about work processes in detail: schedule, deadlines, tracking apps, chats, and tasks.

It’s not just discussing it’s planning.

How We Do This

It’s vital for us that everyone works with transparency and comfort — developers and clients. Having 50+ high-skilled specialists, we can provide a developer or a team exactly for your needs. All of them have Upper-Intermediate and higher levels of English.

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We also offer a free consultation and estimate. At the startup stage, this is an invaluable opportunity to get qualified advice, encouragement, understanding of potential spendings, and, as a result, a possibility to plan clearly. Have ideas or questions? — Fill the contact form.