Project Description


Blackbird.AI is a platform to analyze content and detect misinformation using deep learning algorithms.


In the world where there is a lot of misinformation, a web application that finds and highlights fake content is extremely valuable. Blackbird.AI is an innovative start-up, which uses a unique algorithm to maximize the credibility of results. The client employed Incora team to provide full cycle of software development. As development of the platform is continuing, more features will be developed soon.

Scope of work

The client’s side provided us with detailed requirements and specific design. Our team is responsible for full cycle of software development, including project’s architecture and database structure.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Front-end/back-end development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product management

Project Overview

Quick and easy to use

To check the percentage of correct information in a specific source, you just need to log in and paste a link. Also, it is possible to search articles by a source, name, and keywords.

Credibility rating

After the sign up, users can filter search results. All the articles are shown with their credibility score. The platform provides five types of rating: unreliable, suspect, undecided, plausible, reliable. The user can also indicate sentiment score and publication date range to narrow the search results.

Useful features

Registered users are able to save and manage texts that they have been working before. One of the main features is to highlight words and receive breakdown according to the text of a particular article. The platform also enables you to comment the content you have checked. These comments can be hidden or seen by other users and provide additional information about a source’s credibility or important details.

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