Project Description

Deep Dao

Deep Dao is a data analytics platform that provides ranking and analysis of the top Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) across multiple metrics.


DeFi (Cryptocurrency Financial Systems) overflowing with DAOs, since there are more than 2000 DAOs in operation, each with thousands of members and the ability to manage progressively bigger pools of assets. Bearing such growth, it might become challenging to keep track of what’s going on around this environment. Thus, to simplify the exploration of DAOs – DeepDao gathers and compiles a range of quantitative and qualitative statistics regarding DAOs, then displays it in an interactive dashboard for the public.

Scope of work

Besides improving existing basic functional pages of DeepDao platform, we also added major services that allow its users investigate DAO suggestions, voting patterns, decentralization levels, as well as member participation and expansion. One of the main tasks during development was to emphasize website perfomance optimization. Besides, since now the data on the platform is updated daily, we aim to enhance this functionality to perfom real-time update for some essential metrics.

Project Overview

Deep Dao development

Dashboard – DAO Ecosystem Overview

The dashboard pannel displays a Top DAOs rank, sorted by basic statistics, such as USD Value, Members, Proposals and Votes. There is also a possibility to check out Top DAO Tokens, with basic analysis of their Balance USD, and DAOs that apply those tokes. All of the metrics are uploaded by gathering data from multiple APIs, like Etherscan, Covalent, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Snapshot, Polkassembly, and many others. Adding numerous APIs gave us the ability to provide all necessary analytics for users to conveniently perfom a deep research in investment options. We’ve aso integrated a Compound Governance Architecture that benefits from spam prevention mechanism (a threshold limitis application of proposals, to recieve ones from accounts with a higher percentage of tokens) and delegation (allows token holders to transfer their voting power to another user without giving up control of the underlying asset).

People in Governance

DeepDAO is currently keeping track of the economic clout of the top 1000 government officials. Founders, protocol politicians, VCs, researchers, and builders make up this group, which has a big presence in the crypto world. The information in the DeepDAO People section provides information about the types of assets held by these well-informed crypto enthusiasts. Moreover, this page reflects the data about Top AUM (Assets Under Management) votes and proposals, while keeping updated the statistics on Top People Tokens.

Deep Dao Development
Deep Dao Development

Governance Feed

This feature allows DAO contributors and fans to filter and remain aware of what’s going on in DAO ecosystem, by exploring Decisions (votes that take place in any of DAO platforms) and Discussions (debates that take place in DAOs’ respective forums) feeds. When you click an icon in the Top Organizations section, the filters are instantly removed, and you can access the most recent news from that organization. We also added a simple search bar on the left, that helps to look for a certain DAO feed.


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