Project Description

E-Learning Platform

E-Learning Platform is a tutoring marketplace for making learning available and accessible for students, no matter their age, level or budget.


E-Learning Platform is a platform which gives teachers, tutors and students a chance to try a new format of studying or to get an additional income. Various professionals can share their knowledge and skills and make money on it.

On the other hand, students can simply find a teacher proceeding from their work experience, rating and feedback. A student can also talk to a teacher before making a decision so they can understand if the learning process is going to be comfortable for both of them.

Scope of work

The developing team worked on the project from scratch and was responsible for the full development cycle. The client had a clear understanding of what he wanted to get as a result and provided us with the detailed requirements and desired design.

Project Overview

Functional First Page

Besides the information about the platform and its advantages, the first page includes a dashboard that simplifies site navigation as much as possible. Categories are divided into subcategories and you can leap to the needed one right from the home page. Links for the best teachers rating, FAQ, quick registration, and social networks buttons are conveniently located on the bottom.

Simple Connection

E-Learning Platform offers three ways to contact support specialists for getting any information about the platform: an instant call, a call on a specific time in the future, and a real-time chat. Communication with the chosen teacher occurs directly in the chat, where you can discuss all the details and learning process.

Profile Page

After a quick registration, which can be done via social networks or a Google account, you go to your personal profile page. This is where all needed personal information is set out, as well as a schedule and messages history. You’ll be notified about every new message with a live-chat indicator in the lower right corner of a screen. 

If you have questions, you can find the answer in the Support section.

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