Project Description


EasierChef is a delivery platform that helps plan your meals and buy necessary ingredients without leaving your house.


Often, meal planning and creating a shopping list can be quite complicated. Also, much time is spent while making a decision when you are already in the store, especially if the necessary ingredient is not there. EasierChef platform makes meal planning process much easier and becomes an additional marketplace where local stores can offer their products online.

Scope of work

Our full-stack developer was responsible for scaling the platform and implementation of additional functionality. He consulted the client on technical decisions and provided quality assurance.

Project Overview

Useful filters

When you enter the platform, you get a chance to choose a specific meal type and add different hashtags that expose your food preferences, such as meat, spicy, vegan or others. After you indicated preferences, you get recommended recipes. In each one of them you have the preparation time and ingredients, which can be changed depending on the number of servings.

Easy ordering with a progress bar

After you chose a specipy and indicated the number of servings, you move on a progress bar to the grocery section where you can select the products needed.

The platform suggests you not only the products which are initially indicated in the chosen recipes, but also gives you a chance to shop for additional ones which could complement your meal. If you haven’t chosen any meal or product, you get the message that informs you that nothing was chosen and offers you to get back or skip to the next step on the progress bar. The last step is total cost and check out. You easily navigate on the platform and make additional purchases or changes in no time.

Marketplace for different stores

Each store has its own page where users can add all necessary details, including location information and product list. The platform enables csv upload for groceries to the database, which makes the data input much faster in comparison with the manual one.

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