Project Description


EduTailors is an online platform for finding tutors and conducting online lessons. Due to the possibility of individual and group learning, it can be an addition to the school learning or a method for its implementation.


Tutoring has always been in demand, but during the pandemic, there was a need not only to develop platforms for online learning but also to expand the functionality of existing ones. It was our aim – to make online learning the convenient process for both tutors and students. The platform is available for use worldwide.

Scope of work

A lot of work had been already done, so our mission was to fix bugs and implement new functionality. These were: adding group courses, improving a private lessons section, debugging, code refactoring, and providing technical support.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Product Management
  • Quality assurance
  • Writing Tests

Project Overview


In the dashboard panel, you can conveniently find all the necessary information about upcoming and previous lessons, check the calendar with the schedule and synchronise it with your own Google Calendar, set up payment information and notifications. A big plus is an ability to get a reward for inviting users with referral links. To save time and facilitate navigation, we added a Platform Tour. Before the registration, the teacher fills in all the needed information and waits for confirmation. After this, there is an option to add the course to the calendar and indicate its availability for booking. The tutor needs to confirm or reject the course booked by the student.

Booking Courses

Thanks to the filters, the search is pretty easy. Also, all the courses are sorted by subject. Information about every course includes the number of lectures and sessions, so the student chooses the most convenient time. A tutor also can upload training materials and specify the number of tests. All users get notifications before the lesson and can postpone or cancel it if needed. The option of parental access has been implemented for students under 18 years. Parents manage bookings and payment details, receive notifications and feedback on children’s progress. Students get access only to the lesson itself.

Before the course, there is an opportunity to take the Test Drive Lesson – a 15-minute free lesson with the tutor to determine the student’s knowledge level and their requests.

SaaS Tutoring

Implementation of SaaS Tutoring option in parallel with the standard one extends the platform functional and allows: 

  • to find students and conduct classes online;
  • to find students and conduct classes offline;
  • to bring your current students and conduct classes online.

All users, including SaaS, can use the platform for free or buy a Premium account. It affects the rating position, equally with a rate and speed in responding to requests and messages.

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