Project Description


Enviaya is a world’s leading logistics company with offices in Mexico and Chile. It provides safe and user-friendly tools and applications that can be integrated into customer’s logistics services.


When we started cooperation, the main requirement of EnviaYa was to add and improve functionality of the service with different CMSs. Initially, our customer had only a beta version of Magento1 plug-in, which had limited functionality. We enhanced functionality and started development of plug-ins for Magento2, OpenCart, Prestashop, Woocommerce. Our solutions helped EnviaYa increase the number of shipment opportunities and customers’ satisfaction respectively.

Scope of work

Our long-lasting cooperation with EnviaYa involves constant updates and improvement of existing plug-ins and adding new functionality to the service.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Development of plug-ins
  • Quality assurance


Project Overview

Support of e-commerce

Over 150 global online store chains currently use InviaYa plug-ins to process hundreds of shipments. The plug-ins are intended for people running stores, who want to have their shipping automated and to provide customers with information on their shipping options.

User-friendly design

We developed plug-ins which give users a chance to pick the most suitable shipment service among available companies. The localization is available in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and German. The system shows logo, company’s name and a fee. Having selected a specific shipment company, the user creates an order and gets a special tracking number, which gives a possibility to track down the parcel. The store operators can then create shipping labels directly from the order page. Customers receive their confirmation by email.They also get an email notification about all stages of shipment.

Clear Admin Settings

After installing a plugin, users will be given an API key from the EnviaYa website through which they can connect and configure what shipping services they want to offer to customers. The Admin panel has different settings where you can indicate sender’s address, discounts, special offers, restrictions of shipment. Also, the admin can chose which information to show in case the API fails.

Client’s Feedback

Sven Crone

CEO at EnviaYa

We’ve hired a programmer from Incora, who is working on all our plug-ins. We initially worked on a Magento 1 plug-in, then moved on to Magento 2 and PrestaShop ones. I’m very happy with the one developer we’ve been assigned, who is doing a great job. He can think for himself, mention any details we may have overlooked and basically correct requirements.

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