Project Description

Fahrstundenplanner – is a platform for scheduling lesson appointments within driving schools.


This management software allows driving instructors to conveniently plan lessons, by defining working time slots by themselves, so the students could pick the available time. With the help of Fahrstundenplanner driving schools can optimize their booking system, including theory lessons and drive practices.

Scope of work

When we got involved in the platform development, it already has main functionalities. So our main task was to improve software performance and modify all of the features, by writing them on React. While rewriting the application, we also integrated Progressive Web App (PWA) to the development. Thus, now Fahrstundenplanner enables driving lesson scheduling on IOS and Android devices.

Project Overview

Enhanced booking management

The main two pages display calendars, where you can find the data about all of the driving instructors and vehicles. By clicking the webpage ‘Fahrlehrer’ you will be able to make an appointment with each instructor and add all the necessary information about the lesson: date, time, attendee’s name, duration, type of vehicle and notes if needed. When the student pick a time for a lesson, instructor is automatically informed by email.

The second interactive dashboard ‘Fahrzeuge’, makes possible to manage from Office and Teacher’s interface all the vehicles at the school’s disposal. It has also a calendar with the possibility to edit basic session information, which makes easier to ensure coherence at the driving school.

Appointment preferences

Settings block enables platform users to administrate finances, by establishing session fees, and to operate with work-time preferences, by determining vacations, office hours or lesson configurations. Our engineers built modules for scheduling day-offs and furloughs. Besides, the section with fundamental settings displays a detailed division in order to let the school set up working hours, breaks between classes, number of students attending lessons, and so on.

Payment estimate

Fahrstundenplanner integrates billing system, which allows a school to calculate the sum of the attended courses per student and issue invoices. All bills are automatically generated as PDF files with the described services, that demanding payment.

Theory sessions’ booking

Through the Theory page teachers and school staff can arrange lectures. As an addition to the main appointment required fields, here appear slots where you can identify the session topics as well as how many attendees are going to visit. Topics are all structured by filters and could be added by school, during the registration process.

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