Project Description

Health Explorer

Health Explorer is a user-interactive platform that displays human diseases in a visual format and shows conditions linked to them.


The platform was developed to educate users about different diseases and includes several categories of their connections. Diseases are linked according to anatomical characteristics, taxonomies, disease-associated genes, clinical manifestations, and other classifications. To make the platform interactive and user-friendly, our engineers implemented a lot of functionality including sorting, directory and rendering feature.

Scope of work

The main requirements were to develop functionality by adding numerous features. Our developers optimized the planform for mobile devices, worked on directory and rendering.

Project Overview


Disease Net helps to find all the information about different diseases in one place. The platform uses only reliable medical sources and provides links for related illnesses. It makes the research or study process quick and effective.

This platform can be used to obtain disease associated gene information and the crosstalk with other diseases through PPI networks. The interactions are shown with graphical interface that provides the user with better understanding of the critical genes that can affect different pathological conditions.

Our developers were working on disease connections section and administration panel, where they developed sorting solution. All the diseases are grouped in a logical way and you can access the proper entry on the interactive map after clicking on a specific item.

Mobile optimization

The platform comprises a detailed information page for each disease written by experts across multiple disciplines and referenced from the latest scientific and medical literature. Both the directory and map on the site are well displayed on mobile devices, so the app can be used by more users.

Client’s Feedback

Thomas Hambridge

CEO & Founder, Health Explore

The map was designed and built in a short period of time and I was impressed with the results from the beginning. There were aspects of the project which I didn’t anticipate including, but Incora did a great job of proposing new features within the agreed budget and made quick progress on design specifications.

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