Project Description


HealthApp is an application for making quick and convenient doctor appointments and conducting online consultations.


Making a doctor’s appointment can be quite challenging. Not only because of the medical system being overloaded but also because it may be physically difficult for a person to come to a hospital. To simplify it, HealthApp allows its users to make an appointment online as well as get a consultation from a doctor, nurse or psychologist online without leaving home.

Scope of work

The project was developed from scratch in accordance with the requirements and wishes provided by the customer. The development team was responsible for the whole scope of work and kept in constant communication with the customer. One of the main tasks was to make the app informative, functional, and easy-to-use for all types of users and admins.


Project Overview

Fast Login With BankID

Registration in the service is as simple as possible. The only thing you need to provide is your BankID. In this way, not only the hospital gets data about the patient, but the payment question is automatically closed too. No need for the patient to do any additional actions.

Access to the general information and answers to non-specific questions is open without registration.

User-Friendly Interface

Making the interface convenient and user friendly was one of the main aims for the developing team. The design is intuitive, all information is placed in logically grouped sections, and it’s possible to go to each of them directly from the first page.

Mobile App

To bring the use of the service to the highest level, in parallel with the web app we developed the mobile app. This allows you to use the service with a smartphone or tablet and to act as quickly as possible with no inconveniences at any place or situation.

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