Project Description


Leap is a fast and convenient trip-planner for one person or for a group of people and keeping all the journey details in just one app.


Planning a trip can be an exciting quest for some of us and a real challenge for others. Finding interesting cities and places, writing down all the addresses, working hours and phone numbers usually turns into a bunch of notes and the one you need is always somewhere else at exactly the wrong time. With Leap you can find an interesting place in Google and in three mouse clicks add it to your trip planner. The best thing about all this is that Google pulls up all the information about the place: full name, address, pin on the map, open hours, contact information, website link and reviews.

Scope of work

We developed the project from scratch. The customer provided us with the design and clear requirements. Front-end and Back-end developers did their best to combine functionality, usability and simplicity in one app, which was the main task.

Project Overview


Dashboard is intuitive and convenient and you can deal with it in seconds. Registration on the service goes via Google Account, no additional data required. You name your trip, enter the city and select it from the drop-down list. Places are conveniently sorted by categories, they can be added manually, or automatically uploaded through the Chrome extension. Each day in the calendar can be described as convenient. There are no limits on the trip duration and the number of attractions in one day. When you select the “Share” option, an app creates an URL, which can be shared among other participants of the trip. They can view the calendar and all the details, but only the creator can edit.

Synchronisation with Google

When adding a place, it’s easy to choose it from the drop-down list, put a category tag and add a comment. All information about the place in Google is automatically pulled in the app, there’s no need to look for addresses, timetables and phone numbers. There is also a link to an official website, which allows you to check all the information about the place you want to visit without additional internet surfing.

Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension was created for convenient and full use of the app. With having it installed all you need to do is to find a place you are interested in and highlight its name. The extension will immediately drop down a window with a suggestion to add this place to your travel calendar. Also, there will be all the information about this location, no extra actions required.

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