Project Description

Line Out

[the real name was changed due to the NDA]

Line Out – is a platform for the management of players’ injuries, that enables scheduling doctors’ appointments and health monitoring.


Providing medical care for players from schools, clubs, and universities is required, but this process is not monitored, and transparent. Line Out creates the possibility for players to get healthcare they deserve. It provides schools and organizations with management system of injuries, obtained during the game or training. This way, players can be released from future games and schedule appointments with doctors, regarding injuries.

Scope of work

Our team developed the project from scratch. Besides creating the user-friendly interface, we built different ones for each group of users: players, doctors, admin, organizations, parents. We’ve also added a Stripe API to enable users paying for the subscription within one platform.

Project Overview

Main display

As the main feature for Line Out is control over players’ injuries, we built a convenient panel, where each type of user can add information, specifying a date, player, and the occurrence of injury. When the new info is added, it goes to the table, where the injury status can be monitored, as well as the certificate list. To track the reasons for injuries and statistics by various criteria, the users can generate the reports. For analyzing such reports, the users are redirected to the pdf file with all related bar charts and diagrams.

Appointment scheduling

Doctors can set working hours in the clinic so that other users can choose their free hours for the appointment scheduling. All this data is displayed on the page ‘Calendar’, and it is visible for all types of users. When the booked appointment is approaching, everyone connected to the injured player, including the organization and parents, will be informed via email. In fact, all actions within the platform duplicate on emails of users as push notifications.

Payment API integration

Since Line Out offers subscriptions, which are different depending on the organization using the platform (schools, universities, clubs) and other types of users (parents and players) – we integrated the payment API. Stripe API helps Line Out collect payments within the platform. To perform payment, the user should connect the card to the system, and monthly the proper amount of money will be withdrawn.

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