Project Description

Management software for legal practice

Management software for legal practice is a cloud-based legal practice management software, which speeds up the entry process and standardizes your bills.


Modern law firms are increasingly turning to billing software to improve their billing process and use data to make it more accurate. This software prevents non-billable work with real-time notifications to all users and complies with client billing rules and guidelines, which can be easily configured.

Scope of work

To improve the management of law firms, the platform provides different solutions and this software is one of them.

Our team is responsible for scaling the project and implementation of new functionality. When we started working on the project, the basic functionality already existed. A big part of the project was rewritten and optimized. The project management happens on the client’s side. Our team of back-end and front-end developers are provided with detailed requirements and are involved in daily standups to report the client on progress on new tasks.

Cient’s services we developed include Computer-Assisted Billing products, BillerAssist, EasyCodes, BillerAssist EasyCodes Edition.

Project Overview

Quick and effective entry management

The system enables you to get set up easily. All billing entries, clients, matters, rates, and users are automatically imported so you can quickly get to work. The app enables both import and export using LEDES 1998B files.

BillerAssist automatically flags “problem” entries as work is being done and substantially decreases write-downs and write-offs. Overall, you spend less time reviewing legal bills.

Automated Billing Rates

The software learns from your own billing records, and from your changes and tells you if the charge is unusually high or mistakingly low. It automatically applies hourly rates by client, matter, and user which speed up the entry process and standardize the bills.

Specific rules

There is a huge number of rules you can apply to each customer and save the changes afterwards. For example, you can decide whether you want to change a particular person for taxi, meals, taxes, invoice preparation. Also, you can set a rule to charge if legal research takes over 2 hours or requires employee’s overtime. Additionally, this software standardizes the look of the bill, you can indicate if you want all documents to start from the capital letter or have a period at the end of text description.

Client’s Feedback

Ralph Wutscher

COO and Chief Legal Officer at Incubator LLC

Incora supports our web development projects that involve Ruby on Rails and Node. They assign us a project manager, product manager, and two full stack developers per project. Incora is one of the fastest teams we’ve worked with. Incora is meeting our demanding requirements, and we’re very happy with them. Our communication has worked well so far.

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