Project Description


Parcelfrog is an online service that instantly compares the cheapest and most reliable couriers to meet specific needs of every user.


Every contemporary customer needs a fast, easy, and money-saving way to get a parcel from different destinations. ParcelFrog is a tool that significantly simplifies the process and turns courier research into a pleasant experience. To increase customers’ satisfaction, the service continuously adds new functionality and improves the existent design.

Scope of work

When our team started working on the project, half of the necessary features had already been implemented. Initially, the website had limited functionality. We significantly modified back-end part and developed front-end solutions from scratch. Moreover, our team provided designs for the interface to increase user experience.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Front-end/back-end development
  • Quality assurance


Project Overview

Step-by-step selection

After entering the website, a potential client gets a user-friendly form which should be filled in a specific order.

ParcelFrog comprises a lot of helpful filters which significantly improves user experience. For example, clients can filter couriers according to the delivery time and price. You can choose between four options: same day, next day, 3-5 days, 5+ days. This choice will have a significant impact on the final price of the shipping. Customers can also duplicate the orders, see the statistics by orders and couriers and use the search algorithm for getting the best packages.

Diverse shipping options

ParcelFrog gives a possibility to ship parcels of different size and weight to many destinations. After indicating the delivery postal code, the client can use ParcelFrog’s sophisticated search criteria to input some important details about the latest parcel.

ParcelFrog provides both domestic and international shipment. To indicate the exact size of a parcel or an envelope, you can choose between different dimensions (cm or inch), which is very convenient for international customers.

Selection of price plans

Couriers have the opportunity to add their price plans: select the destination places, add the insurances, add the different prices for different types of packages, manage the existing prices and drop-off addresses.

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