Project Description

Service to verify any digital files

This is a service that uses blockchain technology to verify any digital files and make sure that they are authentic years later.


In the process of signing important agreements or contracts, there is always a risk that exact contents, time, and date of digital files will be altered by another party. This service is used to prove that a document or other electronic file is authentic and to identify versioning histories.

[Link to the service is here]

Scope of work

The client provided us with detailed requirements and desired design. Our team was responsible for the full cycle of software development including project’s architecture and database structure.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Front-end/back-end development
  • Quality assurance

Project Overview

Sign and import documents quickly

There are mobile and desktop versions of this service which makes it very convenient to use. The app enables you to upload files from your computer directly from your phone using different browsers. You can take a picture on your phone and email or fax them immediately. Also, the app has different integrations, which enable you to import and share the digital file using Clio, RocketMatter, OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive, and others.

Certificates Verifying Every File

After the verification of every document, photo, audio or video file, you automatically get an email with a certificate that provides the verification information. The app automatically saves the certificate with your document or photo, which can be downloaded any time when needed. All of the verified files are kept in one place and are never shared with with anyone. Unlike Most of e-signing apps, this service use blockchains to verify files, which are virtually impossible to hack.

No account needed

The app doesn’t require you to have an account to verify your documents, videos, audio recordings, emails, or photos. Moreover, this service doesn’t require you to store your documents and photos in the system. Users can store files in their favorite law practice management system, or in their favorite online cloud storage app.

Client’s Feedback

Ralph Wutscher

COO and Chief Legal Officer at Incubator LLC

Incora supports our web development projects that involve Ruby on Rails and Node. They assign us a project manager, product manager, and two full stack developers per project. Incora is one of the fastest teams we’ve worked with. Incora is meeting our demanding requirements, and we’re very happy with them. Our communication has worked well so far.

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