Project Description


Shadda is an on-demand delivery platform that delivers anything from any store on the map.


To grow client base quickly, any business requires modern software solutions. Shadda was developed to give local businesses an opportunity to increase the number of buyers who live far away from the physical store.With the app, local shop owners got a chance to reach customers online and deliver food, drinks, groceries, medicine, and flowers to any destination.

Scope of work

The client provided us with detailed requirements and desired design. Ourteam was responsible fully for front-end functionality.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Front-end development
  • Mobile development
  • Quality assurance

Project Overview

Easy to join

The registration process is very quick and doesn’t require any payment. A user can easily add a restaurant, pharmacy or any other business to the platform and manage it for free. After business was confirmed by the admin of the app, all the customers will be able to see, search, and order something from the store online.

Clear page management

You can manage page colors, info, products, prices and other info on the platform. After the registration, users can provide all the necessary info

about their business, manage page colors, prices, goods, and other details on the platform. With Shadda you can create a menu with categories of products and customize them with different prices, sizes, colours, etc.

Responsive interface

In addition to its useful functionality, Shadda has a user-friendly interface.The customers have access to all the stores, sort them by categories and find the nearest ones. Also, users can see all the information about each store and their goods. Shop owners, on the other hand, can edit all the information and customize the appearance of the store.

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