Project Description


Squibler is a helpful online tool that enables users to write their books faster and more effectively. More than 5,000 writers use it for their work already.


The main idea of the tool is to provide a user-friendly environment for book writers, which will significantly increase their productivity.

Scope of work

The client’s side provided us with detailed requirements and desired design. Our team was responsible for full cycle of software development including project’s architecture and database structure.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Front-end/back-end development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product management

Project Overview

Write a book in 30 days

Squibler offers a free trial period for 30 days to write your project. When the trial period expires, you can still export your writing or continue membership with a payment.

A space to create

After a registration, a new user logs in and creates a new project. There is an available template with sections and notes, which gives you a gist how the tool works. The tool provides different editing options which you can apply to numerous projects simultaneously. There is an option to use customized boards, where you can save your ideas and research notes. Also, it is possible to divide your writing into different sections or chapters and write summaries for each of them.

Easy to store

Squibler users can store all their ideas without ever losing them, then filter everything by tags. You can create different versions of the same project and then decide which one to choose. Moreover, the tool automatically saves your last changes and enables you to drag and drop saved chapters, scenes, and, notes into the right place.

As soon as you finish your piece of writing, you can export and preview the files for Kindle, PDF, or print while keeping a perfect image resolution.

Client’s Feedback

Dhaval Bhatt

Co-funder Squibler

Incora has been fantastic to work with. I find them very professional, ethical, and, responsible. I’ve worked with many developers, but Team Incora has been outstanding. This team understands what you need and what you want, and delivers on both fronts very effectively. Highly recommend working with them if you get a chance…

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