Project Description

Taian Table

Taian Table is a web site with a user-friendly design to make quick reservations and easily manage visitor’s requests.


Initially, the website of Taian Table had a basic layout which couldn’t meet restaurant’s needs. The staff had difficulties with handling numerous reservations and answering phone calls. Moreover, it was complicated to track activity and predict the number of potential visitors.

Scope of work

The client’s side provided us with detailed requirements and desired design. Our team was responsible for full cycle of software development including project’s architecture and database structure.

  • Decision on technical stack
  • Front-end/back-end development
  • Quality assurance
  • Product management

Project Overview

Step-by-step reservation

Incora team developed a special booking system which significantly increased staff’s performance and simplified the reservation process for restaurant’s visitors.

When you enter the website you get a user-friendly form where a potential client needs to fill all the requested fields in a specific order. It ensures that all the necessary information is provided and a client will have a successful experience with the restaurant.

Availability of tables

A customized calendar helps a visitor to check availability for specific dates and select a table. You can choose a number of visitors and see how many tables are available for a specific hour. If all the seats are booked out, you are automatically added to a waiting list.

Security is a priority

A visitor needs to register to make a reservation. To pay for reservation, the user can choose between two currencies and three systems: PayPal, WeChat Pay, and Alipay.

Each booking has a security code that a client receives via SMS. Using this code helps to track reservations manually. The delivery of SMS is developed with the help of Twilio, a special communication API used for fraud prevention.

Easy management

The Admin has all the information about registered users, their bookings and logs. Moreover, there is a possibility to add a specific comment or VIP tag for favourite guests. Admin can sort users according to specific categories, cancel reservation, provide a refund or send a message. Also, it is possible to set the restrictions for number of guests, size of a table, indicate details of open hours and duration of the visit. The staff can specify the number of tables one person can book, change timing settings or repetition of events.

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