Project Description

Uni Shift

[the real name was changed due to the NDA]

It is an educational platform, that offers online courses and builds a community seeking knowledge improvement in the topics related to humans and nature.


With Uni Shift people could buy participation in the full courses or choose just the parts of them. Besides basic features of the online learning platform, like the courses dashboard or quiz-tests inside courses, Uni Shift also allows users to save files necessary for studying, and note your learning needs for the future. Platform’s push notifications remind users about even slight changes and updates in the courses, or people engagement.

Scope of work

We developed the platform from scratch and added all the required functionalities for the convenient learning process. Additionally, we applied PayPal API for the courses’ payment. Our team has also created different interfaces for students and teachers. The teachers’ pages have extended features for courses and lessons creation.

Project Overview

Coach Services

One of the options available from the teachers’ interface is the management of the personal and group coach services. Lecturers can create private and group meeting sessions, add extra coaches and identify lesson attendees. For participation in these coach services, as in the other courses, students need to make a purchase and pay a rate per hour, which teachers set for each session. This is available with the PayPal API integration into the platform.

Privacy Management for the Courses

When creating a course, there is an ability to determine access to its files, and set up if they are going to be private or public. Teachers can also form groups within the community, and decide which resources and quiz-test will be visible for the particular category of people. It could be students, graduates, newcomers, etc.

Enhanced Profile Settings

Settings page both for teachers and students allows adjusting not just the basic profile info, but also advanced data, that is related to the learning process. For example, there is the purchase history to manage payments. Besides, the platform offers a few blocks, where the users can store their personal additional files, as well as make private notes needed for studying.

There is also a calendar option, where are displayed all the lessons. The platform sends a notification when the time to class is approaching. Other notifications could be also managed from the Settings page.

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