The Сoronavirus outbreak is affecting the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and the global economy. The epidemics is moving quickly, so we need to unite and brainstorm effective solutions on how we can deal with this issue.

Our partners from Saudi Arabia have recently come up with an amazing  idea of an mobile application which will encourage people to spend more time at home.

We all know that the virus spreads very quickly and the best way to stifle its growth is self-isolation. In order to support other people and encourage them to spend more time at home, we added a gamification element to the process.

The app tracks how much time you stay at home and shows it to other users. Afterwards, you can see how many days you avoided leaving your house and even get a chance to win a reward.

When you open the app, you are asked to give permission to track your location. The app automatically identifies your phone ID, so there is no need for authorization.

The moment you open the app, it saves your current location as “home” and starts counting time. When you leave the place, the time tracking stops. When you are 24 hours at home, you get one step further on the progress bar. 

Also, you can always see your progress in percentage. 

The number of users who stay at home is displayed on the screen. To encourage users even more, different rewards are offered.

Also, the app is very energy-efficient. It uses less than 1% of phone battery during 24 hours. We managed to do it with the help of react-native-background-geolocation library. To track progress time on background the app counts the difference between current time, time when a user entered home last time plus existing progress of a user.

Our team hopes that more people will decide to stay home with this app and the situation will settle soon.