To provide best solutions and surpass competition, software engineers constantly monitor most popular trends in IT industry. There are a great number of different criteria which help to analyse if a technology or tool is perspective in the long run.

At Incora, our developers constantly use the latest updates and most common technical solutions which considerably increase our performance. The latest research on the most prominent development websites including Stack Overflow, Medium, and HackerRank, selected the most perspective programming languages of the coming year.


JavaScript is a dynamic prototype-based programming language created in 1995. Primarily, JS got popularity among front-end engineers and soon became major language for web development.

According to the Stack Overflow’s 2018 Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most popular language among developers 6 years in a row.

JS It is extremely flexible with its syntax and runs very smoothly. Even though JavaScript is considered to be mainly client’s side language, it is also used on the server-side through Node.js framework, which was introduced in 2009. Node.js and Angular are the most commonly used technologies along with React.

JavaScript belongs to the core technologies of the Web alongside HTML and CSS. The majority of sites were built with JS because it enables interactive web pages and web applications. All popular modern Web browsers support JavaScript with built-in interpreters.

HackerRank has similar results to Stack Overflow and shows that JavaScript frameworks will dominate in the coming year.


Java is considered to be very stable and is widely used for building enterprise-scale web applications. Majority of fortune 500 companies used this programming language for making numerous back-end applications.

Despite the fact that Java was created in 1991, it still remains in high demand. Java is widely used in Android App Development. It became even more popular after Google created Android Studio, a Java-based development framework. Even though Kotlin was announced the official language for Android development in 2017, Java remains widely used. Kotlin works great with all existing Java libraries and frameworks.

Also, Java is object-oriented programming language, which is platform-independent. You can code on any device using JVM – Java Virtual Machine.


Python is a user-friendly, comprehensive programming language which is used for general purpose.

A lot of programmers begin with Python because it has clear, intuitive syntax. If you are interested in making a career in back-end development, you can use Django, an open source framework for Python.

Python is used in multiple areas. It is a popular programming language for scientific computing, machine learning, engineering. Moreover, it is a great choice for the development of web and desktop applications, network servers, media tools, back-end services, and API’s.

Also, the language provides simple functions and variables without much interrogating in class definitions. It gives a great library support and has a powerful developer community.

Python is very fast and easy to deploy. It is widely used to develop scalable web applications, especially startups. Python-based web development frameworks include Django, Pyramid and Turbo Gear. According to the Stack Overflow’s review, Python is a number one language which developers want to learn.


C-sharp is an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft in 2000 as a rival to Java.

The language is consistent and logical, which makes it easy to learn for beginners. The code is checked, which makes it easy to spot the bugs.

C# is mainly used for the development of web and desktop applications. It is also popular solution for VR, 2D and 3D gaming.

The language is suitable for writing applications for both hosted and embedded systems. The language is also economical with regard to memory and processing power requirements.


PHP belongs to the most popular backend programming languages, mainly used by well-established organizations which are on the market for a long time.

It is a general-purpose scripting language, which runs on a server, and is used to create web pages written in HTML.

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and is a great option for dynamic web page content and images. The language is has a vast popularity among e-commerce users and is used for WordPress CMS (Content Management System).

Despite the fact that PHP is free and easy-to-use, it still has some drawbacks: it considerably slows down the website performance and loading time.


To meet the market challenges and transform our clients’ businesses, our company continuously adopts innovations, improves the performance, and introduces new offerings.

Here, at Incora, we constantly learn new technologies and tools to solve issues which arise during web and mobile development. We work with the most popular programming languages and frameworks including JavaScript (Angular, Node, React) and Python (Django), which are relevant for the modern customers.