Ukraine has the biggest and fastest-growing number of IT experts in Europe. According to StackOverflow, there are more than 170,000 professionals including developers, quality assurance engineers and project managers.

For the time being, there are over 2,000 software companies in Ukraine. Even though there are many product companies, most of them provide software development services in the form of outsource.

Centers of IT development

Kyiv and Lviv are considered to be the main centers of IT development. Kyiv, as the capital city, provides jobs for almost 50 % of Ukrainian IT professionals. Lviv, is the second largest destination. According to Lviv IT cluster, the annual approximate growth rate of IT industry here is 20%.

Currently, Lviv is home for 300+ IT companies, including Incora, that provide jobs for more than 22, 000 engineers. In addition, Lviv has a large pool of talent. According to Lviv IT Cluster, around 4100 IT specialists graduate from Lviv universities annually.

Tech education and consolidation of IT sector

As the demand for tech talent increases, more and more people enter tech faculties, IT schools, or various traineeship programs. IT Ukraine Association stated that there are more than 20, 000 tech graduates each year and there is a distinct tendency that this number will grow in the coming years.

To support the graduates, numerous IT companies provide different courses and trainee positions. During the internship, young specialists get a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge on practice. Usually, after 3 month of intense training, the best students get a job offer for a junior professional. Our company Incora also actively supports young engineers who are motivated to enter the industry. We provide challenging tasks and mentors to boost skills and enable professional growth.

Ukrainian universities actively cooperate with Ukrainian IT clusters and continuously introduce new tech programs. For the time being, 17 Ukrainian cities have their IT clusters. Also, a great number of tech events are organized, including IT Arena, iForum, JEEConf, GDG DevFest, Mobile Beach Conference, IT Weekend Ukraine, Agile EE Conference and others. Such events create a great platform for sharing knowledge and the latest innovations.

Recognition of Ukraine as IT outsourcing provider

During the last few years, Ukraine gained significant recognition as a global outsourcing provider of IT services. In 2018, Ukraine appeared in multiple international rankings. A number of Ukrainian companies were cited in Global Outsourcing 100 by IAOP Companies included on the list demonstrated outstanding excellence and were judged on five critical characteristics: size and growth, customer references, certifications, programs for innovation, and corporate social responsibility.

Clutch, a data-driven platform that contains unbiased reviews,.placed many Ukrainian development companies among top providers in various categories. Clutch enables you to compare businesses and solutions in a specific market and see each company’s profile. You can check out our company’s profile here. In addition, A.T. Kearney, global management consulting firm, placed Ukraine among the top 50 countries by the volume of outsourcing activities.

Tendency of future growth

Ukrainian IT market is constantly expanding. As outsourcing remains very popular, a lot of companies choose experienced, well-priced, and committed freelancers form Ukraine, especially when it comes to IT services. According to numerous research sources, the number of tech students and market demand steadily increase worldwide.